Tuesday, May 08, 2012

April Poets on Poems Stats

One of the things I like about the new(er) version of Blogger is that it allows you to see all kinds of page and related stats easily, much more so than the earlier version allowed. Periodically I'll review the stats to see what posts garner the most page views, and from where, and since Poetry Month has officially concluded (though every month is poetry month), I have been curious to learn which poets and poems attracted the most viewers.

The tally so far:
1) Ishmael Reed - 89 views
2) Elizabeth Alexander - 83 views
3) Tess Gallagher - 80 views
4) Ana Cristina César (my translations) - 75 views
5) Robert Duncan & Sonia Sanchez joint post - 74 views
6) Tracy K. Smith - 73 views
7) W. H. Auden - 72 views

I cannot discern a pattern beyond the fact that the first and last posts received considerable attention, that Tracy K. Smith's Pulitzer also generated page views (and a Google +1!), and that the direct beauty of Gallagher's and Sanchez's posts also drew readers. With César, I' not sure what brought eyes into the theater; with Auden, perhaps it was the name and the poem.

As I noted before, there were a number of well-known poets and poems on poetry I tried to avoid posting (Stevens, Ashbery, Padgett, etc.) simply because they often do receive attention, and I wonder if those would have drawn more viewers. I did include a few, like Marianne Moore and Gary Snyder, both of whom finished in the middle of the poetic pack. I was surprised that Edward Field, an important but sadly overlooked queer poet, whose poems of the 1960s in particular really deserve greater readership and scholarly treatment, had among the fewest readers of all. Oh well, what can you do, but present the poems and let people make their way to them. Lastly, I was interested to see that one of the poets who received the fewest pages views, Denise Levertov, nevertheless received two comments, the most of any of the posts.

What poets writing about poems would have wanted to see? Do let me know.

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