Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Summer Scenes, Part 2

Silver man, West Village
Silver Man, Jefferson Park Library steps, West Village

Village street scene
Woman trying to reach doorbells (and looking like she's engaging in parkour)

Promo photos at Steel Gym
Promo photos at Steel Gym, Chelsea

Filming at Steel Gym
Promo photos at Steel Gym, Chelsea

The crumbling NY subways
Decaying NYC subway (where some of those "stimulus"/"job creation" dollars could go)

Crumbling NY subways
Decaying NYC subway

At the Hotel Rivington
In the Hotel Rivington

Musicians packing up
Street musicians packing up

At a SoHo café
SoHo café display

Right-wing printout the woman sitting next to me was reading
A woman next to me (on PATH) reading a print-out of a right-wing screed against Barack Obama

Wild car, West Village
Wild car, West Village

Bedlam at the WTC
Bedlam at the World Trade Center PATH station

Street artist
Photographer/vendor (who commented to me after I took his photo that I hadn't asked for his permission (I apologized), nor had I brought him "a piece of fruit"--so I did, a few days later)

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