Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cuba Photos 1

I don't have time to post my thoughts on my trip last week with a group of educators and artists to Cuba, but I am going to post a few photos to give a sense of what I saw (and photographed). More soon (CLICK on them to get the full image, because the website browser often truncates them), including more poetry. Enjoy!

Street scene, Habana (Central)
Street scene, Habana (Central neighborhood)

Lovers on the Malecon
Lovers on the Malecon, Habana

Coffee drying circles, Pinar del Rio
Coffee bean drying terraces and circles, Buena Vista plantation, Pinar del Rio

Dancers at the outdoor rhumba party, UNEAC
At the outdoor rhumba party at UNEAC

Two women, Viñales, Pinar del Rio
Two women, Viñales, Pinar del Rio province

Ministry of Interior, Habana
Ministry of Interior, Habana

Main street, Pinar del Rio
Street scene, Pinar del Rio city


  1. I am so looking forward to your take on Cuba. Pictures are great!

  2. Thanks, Anthony! I'm aiming to write more today and tomorrow.

  3. I had no idea you were in the same Sea as me! The taste I've gotten of island culture down here is fascinating, and it's made me want to see much more of the Americas. I look forward to vicariously experiencing Cuba.

  4. Miriam, I forgot that you were out that way. What's the word on docking there? Does US law prevent it? I imagine so.

  5. A quick survey of the fo'c's'le yields the answer that yes, you can go to Cuba, but you're not allowed to take anything away or leave anything there. Basically, no purchases. Also, the coast guard will probably be really mean to you, and do a ridiculously thorough search of your boat.