Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photos: Beacon + Seismosis Talk

Here are a few photos from my visit to Beacon, New York and the talk at the Go North Gallery, which was actually moved to a larger venue just down the street, the historic Howland Memorial Library, which now houses the town's Historical Society. Let me thank Karlos Carcamo and Gregory Slick of Go North once again for inviting Chris and me to speak about and read from Seismosis, and thanks also to all the people who showed up (esp. Dante, Erica and Patricia!) on what might have been the most beautiful Saturday in New York and New Jersey this August.

The interior of the Howland Memorial Library, before the talk (artist and gallery owner Karlos Carcamo is entering the room)

Some of the audience, as we worked out the technical issues with the projector

The exterior of the Howland Memorial Library

The first slide (ready to go!)

After the talk (Chris Stackhouse, in the white shirt, has his back to the camera)

More post-talk chatting (poet Dante Micheaux, in the brown shirt at back, is stretching)

Chris and Karlos, in front of a slide of one of Gerhard Richter's drawings-in-paint

The "Out of Line" show at Go North Gallery (Photo, Go North Gallery)

Main Street, Beacon, New York

Dia: Beacon, which had closed by the time Chris and I headed over there

Near the Dia: Beacon main gates, a view of the Hudson and the Catskills to the west

As we were driving around, we came across this spot, the Max Protetch Gallery's Sculpture Park and Annex

Although redolent of Sol Lewitt's work, I believe this piece, unlabelled, is by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, whom the Max Protetch gallery represents; it may even be one of his "Iceberg" sculptures

I'm not sure who's the artist behind this gigantic piece, but it's visible from the road

Chris is wandering over near a patio that has sculptures by Scott Burton (and perhaps Lewitt)

A train shot, heading back to New Jersey, of the Hudson River and Catskills from the river's eastern side


  1. Thanks for posting this. But what, no pictures of you two talking?!

  2. Audiologo, I think Karlos snapped some, but I haven't gotten them yet, so....