Sunday, August 26, 2007

Osaka 2007: Today's Races

Since I seldom post photos from athletic events these days, here are photos from today's Track & Field (Athletics) championships in Osaka, Japan. The biggest event was the showdown between American Tyson Gay and Jamaican Asafa Powell, who is the world record holder in the 100m. Gay's performance in the final was remarkable; he came from behind to win with a time of 9.85 seconds, which more than took care of Powell, who ended up finishing third at 9.96 seconds, after Bahamian Derrick Atkins (see below) came in at 9.91. He can now claim to be the fastest man in the world.

C hipped me to a new toy that makes acquiring pictures like this much easier, so enjoy!

Canada's Anson Henry

Defending 100m world champion Asafa Powell, in an interview

Britain's Mark Lewis-Francis in the 100m semifinal

Gay, before the 100m semifinal heat

Asafa Powell before the 100m semifinal

Powell in the lead before finishing 2nd in his semifinal heat

French star Christine Arron before her 100m quarterfinal heat

American sprinter Torri Edwards before her 100m quarterfinal heat

Edwards's heat before the race

Edwards blazing to a victory

Another women's 100m qf lineup, Lauryn Williams at center

Lauryn Williams just nosing (or kneeing) out first

Gay, before the final heat

Derrick Atkins, before the 100m final

Gay blowing past Powell (in yellow, 3rd) and Atkins (in blue, 2nd): his winning time was 9.95

100m champion Tyson Gay celebrates

Olympic champion Félix Sánchez before his 400m hurdle heat

A contemplative Sánchez before his heat

Sánchez, otra vez

Javier Culson before the 400m hurdle heat

Sánchez after winning his heat

James Carter, after his 400m hurdle heat

New Zealander Valerie Vili, putting the shot to win the women's championship in that event

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