Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mose Tolliver RIP

"Black Bird," c. 1988 paint on wood 16" x 20.5," by Mose Tolliver

"Ala. folk artist Mose Tolliver dies," Yahoo! News
Mose Tolliver, NY Times obituary

(David Bundy/Montgomery Advertiser, via Associated Press)
Mose Toliver with one of his paintings, in 2005


  1. I didn't know his work, but I love what I see there.

  2. Mendi, I agree with you. His human figures are equally arresting but are considered to be more controversial, at least from some of what I've read about them; in his depictions of single males and females, he often emphasizes the genitalia, and abstracts things such that the pictures seem to show sex acts as well as what their titles claim. I don't know even a little about his artwork, but the writeup and the picture of the blackbird and him sitting with his painting captured my attention, so perhaps someone who knows Tolliver's work will write in.