Monday, November 13, 2006

J's Theater Is Back

The blog is back! Following up on a repeatedly extended invitation, I decided to switch J's Theater from its longtime home on over to Blogger Beta, to try out the new features, such as drop-and-drag image posting and so on. Everything appeared to fine until, as some of my regular readers quickly noticed, I ended up losing J's Theater for nearly two days!

After a number of Blogger Help online appeals which received no response whatsoever, and two separate bombardments of email messages from Blogger Beta, I logged on to Google's Blogger Help site and posted about my blog's disappearance. After receiving some commiseration (one blogger lost 100 posts, another also lost his/her blog completely), someone from Blogger wrote back to say that the blogs were back up, and at that very moment, C. called to say that the blog was indeed visible again.

I thanked Blogger's representative. I do wish they'd have responded, even with an autobot or similar automated message, to confirm that they'd received my repeated pleas. In fact, one of my prior problems with Blogger before the sale to Google did receive a swifter, direct response. Nevertheless, the blog is back and I'm thankful, while also mindful that the service is free for now, has become part of a growing corporate conglomerate, and I shouldn't count on its permanence. I should also add that while I don't doubt that the new system is working for some blogs, just be careful before you switch over....

This Blogger blogger had a similar problem.


  1. Yea! You're back, now I can take that "(where's j'stheater?)" note off my blogroll! Gotta have my regular dose of J's Theater.