Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Field Research Study Group A (3.0>)

Exactly one year ago today I posted the following statement from Field Research Group Study A (2002-):

The Field Research Study Group A is planning to relaunch the "Emotional Outreach Project," which appears to be even more necessary and appropriate today than it was when it was first initiated in 2002-03.

To give you background, the "Emotional Outreach Project" consists of a series of business card-sized vouchers, which I distributed free of charge and with disinterest to individuals, under various controls and using specified variables.

On one side of the cards, in bold black ink and all capital letters, an emotional state, response, stage, trait or process (hate, joy, schadenfreude, cold-bloodness, selflessness, horror, indifference, etc.) appeared, with the clear non-bolded caption "Free Emotional Voucher" beneath it.

On the flip side, originally the cards noted
Dear friend, please accept this emotional voucher. Although it possesses no monetary value, you should feel free to draw upon it at any point, particularly if you believe you lack sufficient personal reserves. Acknowledging and managing one's emotions is crucial to psychological and physical well-being.
In the second version of the cards, quotes on the emotions or the passions of the soul by a range of figures, including Arnold Bennett, Eric Hoffer, Plato, Spinoza, and others, were appended.

The relaunched versions will be similar to the second edition, and a full sheet of cards, printed and signed, will be offered free of charge (to be sent by US Postal Office mail) to the first ten people who 1) express an interest in receiving them, and provide a valid address; 2) agree to provide the name and address of at least one other living person you personally know who should receive 1 (one) of the vouchers [not a sheet]; 3) and in your e-mail stating that you would like to receive a sheet and providing your name and address make it clear that you are suggesting a candidate for positive outreach and not for the purposes of harassment, vandalism, or any other negative or problematic reason (that could be so construed or that violates any pertinent laws or statutes in any states or regions of the United States of America and its legal jurisdictions). Basically, I'd like this stage of the project to benefit those who might appreciate it.

As soon as the first ten people have responded, no further names will be accepted until the next stage of the project. Thank you for participating!

Update: Slowly but surely we're getting there. Please click on the word "e-mail" itself, which is hyperlinked, to sign up!

Unfortunately, things never got to the "first ten" people (with or without the ten additional names) stage, which is crucial. The Field Research Study Group A does have the names of several great people (you know who you are) who wrote in, whom it intends to send the materials to (which have been updated*, though they're not very sexy) once the initial conditions have been met (making this a "potential" artwork at the present time), but let's try again.


You need only send an email to the address above, as detailed above, and once 10 (only 10) people have done so, this project can proceed. (Your information will not be shared with any third parties.) Some 130+ people checked out this site yesterday, so out of that very large group (thank you!), there must be some who want to be part of an art/work/project.

*In its current iteration, participants will also receive a sheet detailing the project, some suggested methods for implementing this new stage, a notebook, a pen, and a SASE. (I cannot afford cameras, but that's another story.) So there's free stuff that comes with it as well!


  1. yes! i (= tai, by the way) wondered why i hadn't received an emotional prompt via mail. e.g.: did a mail employee, having greater need, steal it?

    i ought to send you some cards i've been working on since my last job, called Figures of Industry. (not to say that this is a trade or a bribe or even an incentive.) they're trading cards featuring photos and stats of figures from weekly business and industrial newspapers of Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. extremely amateur and at the same time popular, beloved. i have to say it's fulfilling to get an immediate reaction from people, contrary to the case with extended writing or stories.

  2. Hi Tai, I would love to see them. I wrote a long reply to your email, but ended up munching it accidentally...that was months ago, so I'll try again before I have to head back to Chicago. I still have your info I believe, but if you've updated it, please send it to that yahoo email and I'll confirm receipt!