Sunday, August 13, 2006

Blog Roundup

Just a few of the many::

Yesterday, we celebrated C's birthday: Happy Birthday again, Baby!

Kari at Transdada has an interesting news roundup that doesn't leave out the "T" in LGBT, as so often happens.

Bernie has one of the most thoughtful discussions I've seen about the upcoming new season of The Wire (which won't be the same without Idris Elba's "Stringer Bell").

EJ returns from a week's hiatus with a mix that brings back some great memories. (Mantronix, Mantronix, Mantronix....)

Treasure haikus about "Black men's backs". Here's mine:

Summer's heat waning
Shirts recover broad dark backs
Remember and smile

Juan José Martínez's compressed haiku en español.

Tayari opens her blog to novelist Eisa Ulen.

Nalo writes about the Amorphophallus plant, which I wanted to...uh, smell.

Update: Rod has one of his outstanding, hilarious writeups of Noah's Arc.

Audiologo is doing it (damn!)
with a superb post on the politics of (Black women's) hair and Cynthia McKinney's recent loss to Hank Johnson in Georgia.

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