Sunday, March 05, 2006

Snow (Again)

I shouldn't complain, since I knew I wasn't taking a job in southern New Mexico, and it snows in New York and New Jersey, but still...

It's never fun to have to do this, but Chicago is Chicago....

Residents are responsible for the sidewalks near their homes/condo/apartment buildings/wherever they plan to walk and not break their necks

It almost looks beautiful and peaceful, with the titanium sky overhead and the asphalt reflecting the canopies like a black mirror

Until you have to stumble through the snow, giving your hamstrings an unexpected workout

Snowy streetscapes and landscapes always look most beautiful to me at night

And this one is like something out of a dream...

(But I'll take this dream over the previous one in a heartbeat....)

It's nearly March 21, so enough with the snow already!