Monday, March 20, 2006

Drawing: Darcy Prather

It's spring break week and I've just come off an industrial-strength quarter, so I'm reaching into my old Website archives for stuff to post these days.

This is a drawing of Darcy Prather, whom I didn't know, though his brother Dax and I are the same age and graduated from different, rival high schools in St. Louis. Darcy was an undergraduate at MIT when I drew this, and I sketched him at a public event there. I later realized that he was Dax's younger brother, and at some point after this drawing, he went on to become a Rhodes Scholar.

"Darcy Prather"
© John Keene


  1. Interesting that you later found out who Darcy was. It's a small world.

    Marcus, a friend of Darcy

  2. Cool, Marcus. This drawing is from a really long time ago (maybe the late 1980s or early 1990s?), when he was at MIT and I was working there. Take care and thanks for posting.