Sunday, October 02, 2005

August Wilson, 1945-2005

In memory of August Wilson, b. 1945, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - d. 2005, Seattle, Washington

"I'm trying to take culture and put it onstage, demonstrate it is capable of sustaining you. There is no idea that can't be contained by life: Asian life, European life, certainly black life. My plays are about love, honor, duty, betrayal - things humans have written about since the beginning of time."--August Wilson

(Photo: Bob Donaldson - Post-Gazette)


  1. The theater world will never see anyone like him again.

  2. Truly one of the greatest artists this country has produced.

  3. Bernie, no, it probably won't anytime soon; he was a force of artistry, conscience and determination. I hope many younger playwrights--and artists in all genres--take his example to heart, and mind. Reggie, I completely agree.