Sunday, September 25, 2005

Photos: Millennium Park II

More photos from the trip to Millennium Park:

The Pritzker Pavilion
The Pritzker Pavilion from the back edge of the Great Lawn

The Pritzker Pavilion, a bit closer
The nearly empty stage of the Pritzker Pavilion, from a closer vantage

The Aon Tower from the Lurie Garden
In the Lurie Garden, with the exploding crown of the Pritzker Pavilion barely visible, and the Loop's Aon Tower looming in the background.

A bend in the BP Bridge
A bend in Gehry's BP Bridge, the snakescale-like aluminum cladding sloping downwards to the autumn plantings

On the BP Bridge
On the BP Bridge

A fellow photographer on the bridge
A fellow photographer on the bridge

The BP Bridge's sinuous curves, over the highway
The bridge's scythe-like ascent over Columbus Drive

Allee of trees near Daley Bicentennial Plaza
Venting allee near Daley Bicentennial Plaza


  1. Beautiful photos! I can't wait to go back to Chitown again...thanks John!

  2. Reggie, thanks for posting! Don't forget though, it gets very, very cold starting in January...:)

  3. John, these shots reminded me of how much I love and miss Chicago. Need to go back there soon. Even in January...