Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ada Halofsky on Hackett

HackettA good friend and very talented scribe, Ada Lee Halofsky, often writes and produces short pieces for NPR-affiliated programs. Today she broadcast a short profile on the artist Hackett (at right, in a photo by Ada), which can be found online on Minnesota Public Radio's Sound Money "Day in the Work Life" site.

A while back, when browing the magazine pages, I'd come across Hackett's intense photo (taken by Mary Barone at a Deitch Project opening), and immediately saw that we favored each other, from the wild locks to the gray-threaded goattee to our bridgeless noses, though his gaze, particularly in that Barone photo, is a lot more penetrating (those eyes are sending out rays!) than my own. In short, as I my partner Curtis and I agreed, I was looking at my quasi-doppelgänger.

This recognition led me to look out for Hackett's work and learn more about him, but until Ada's audio piece, with its accompanying photographs, I hadn't seen any of it. Now I have. You also can see Hackett's work at the Madagascar Institute site, a Brooklyn-based art combine he belongs to. It's wild--check it out!


  1. woah, i didn't see the resemblance at all in the first image (the one in your blog, but in this second one, i totally do. how does that feel? do you feel somehow connected?

  2. I do. I also heard from Ada that he'd suffered a severe facial injury when one of his projects exploded, so he's had extension facial reconstuction, AND he's been branded a "terrorist" by the Feds. They still have his computer! I am now intent on meeting him. I love your blog Sweat (old and new version), BTW!