Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Quote: Subcomandante Marcos

"Indigenous Brother, Sister:
Non-Indigenous Brother, Sister:

We are here to say we are here.

And when we say 'we are here,' we also name the other.

Brothers and sisters who are Mexican and who are not Mexican.
With you we say 'we are here,' and we are with you.

We are a mirror.

We are here in order to see each other and to show each other,
so that you may look upon us, so you may look at yourself, so that
the other looks in our looking. We are here and we are a mirror.

Not reality, but merely its reflection.

Not light, but merely a glimmer.
Not path, but merely a few steps.
Not guide, but merely one of the many routes which lead to

Brother, Sister, Mexico City:

When we say 'we are,' we are also saying 'we are not,' and 'we
shall not be.'
-- Subcomandante Marcos, from Professionals of Hope: he Selected Writings of Subcomandante Marcos, Afterword by Gabriela Jauregui, Brooklyn: The Song Cave, 2017.

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