Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Photos II: 2017 G37 Summit of Poetry

All of these photos are courtesy (©) of C. Enjoy!

The poets at the end of the reading,
Piedimonte Etneo
Yours truly
With Josephine Pace, at the TV station
in Caltagirone
At the TV station in Caltagirone 
At the TV station in Caltagirone
The student poets
Antonio Presti, introducing
some of the student readers
Me reading, with Josephine translating
Biaggio Guerrera, reading his poems
One of the students from Giare  reading his poems,
with Antonio Presti at right

Some of the student poets reading 
Michele LaPaglia
The musicmakers
Carmine Elisa Moschetta entering the venue 
Bringing forth the spirit of the birches
and the volcano, as well as poetry and song 
The reading area
Birch trees 
With the students from Palermo
In a square in Castiglione
Sunlight in the piazza
Word art 
The vineyard at the Cantina, at night
Mt. Etna

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