Monday, May 29, 2017

Random Photos

A sampling of photos from April and May, two incredibly busy months!

"1612 Dots," a participatory, conceptual
 sculpture in Brookfield Place,
World Trade Center
Geese and goslings, Jersey City
The flyer for A Stray, a superb film
by one of my Rutgers-Newark MFA
advisees, filmmaker and fiction writer
Musa Syeed
Musa introducing his film, A Stray
At the Montclair Literary Festival (l-r: Sam Lipsyte
Garth Risk Hallberg &
 Nicholas Delbanco),
with our host introducing the event, The Sanctuary at First 

Elena Delbanco at the Montclair Literary Festival
Cleaning the pedestrian walkway,
mall in downtown Jersey City
One of my brilliant honors undergraduate
students, Madani Sheikh, presenting his
work at the Rutgers-Newark Student Research Fair
My other honors undergraduate
student, Secilia Flores, presenting her
work at the Rutgers-Newark Student Research Fair
A mural underway, Jersey City
Colm Toibín, and my colleagues MFA program
director Jayne Anne Phillips and Brenda
Shaughnessy, Writers @ Newark reading series

The packed house for the Writers @ Newark reading
David Hyde Pierce signing autographs
outside Hello, Dolly! on Broadway
Lower Manhattan, infogged (befogged?)
Newark doorway
My brilliant former student Serena Lin,
reading at her farewell event (before moving
back West), in Brooklyn
Pondering pigeon
A truly gifted author, poet and fiction writer
Jeffery Renard Allen, with whom I read
this year's MELUS conference, at a panel
organized by Keith Byerman
MIT's postmodern and avant-garde
Stata Center
A discarded twist brush, which was sitting
right in front of my building at
Lincoln, Illinois

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