Saturday, February 18, 2017

Random Photos

A few random photos from the last month. I've been so busy with school-related work (multiple search committees, thesis projects, etc.) that I haven't been able to get out much. But here are a few images from recent weeks.

The façade of Aljira, a Center for Contemporary
Art, announcing Zachary Fabri's show
From the Wolf to the Fox
which closed on January 15 
A detail from Fabri's Areola: Black
Presidents, digital print
Detail, Zachary Fabri, Eu
Mino Minas Gerais
 (I Mine
Minas Gerais, Brazil), 2010.
Rutgers-Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor
speaking at the opening of Express Newark
at the newly renovated Hahne's Building, Newark 
One of the glassed in reliquary spaces
at the new World Trade Center PATH station 
In Las Cruces, New Mexico 
Las Cruces, New Mexico 
The flyer for the conversation I had
with the utterly brilliant, lovely Christina Sharpe,
who also read from her must-read
book, In the Wake: On Blackness and Being
Marble-polisher, WTC PATH statoin 
Worker relaxing, WTC PATH station
A display being erected or dismantled,
it was unclear which was the case,
WTC PATH station 
Workers polishing all that slippery, easily scuffed
marble, WTC PATH station (perhaps
someone will think of laying rubber pathways
to lessen the possibility of slips and tumbles
when it's rainy or snowy outside)
Union Station, Washington, DC 
What I found when I left my office on Monday;
someone had smashed into my left sideview mirror 
Dorothy Wang of Williams College delivering her talk
at Rutgers-Newark on Amiri Baraka, Ed Dorn,
and the politics of literary history and valuation

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