Monday, November 14, 2016

Random Photos

A few recent random photos. Enjoy!

Chinelo Okparanta & Robin Coste Lewis
answering questions after their
superb reading at Rutgers-Newark
A subway rat (do you see it?) 
Evie Shockley introducing Mendi+Keith
Obadike at Penn State Conference
on African American Literature and Language

Mendi+Keith Obadike presenting
their work at CAALL
A musician in Washington Square Park
Painting wrought iron in the West Village
Décollage, SoHo 
With Carter Mathes (left) and Evie Shockley (right)
at the Ark of Bones event at Gallery Aferro
in Newark

My colleague Mark Krasovic, an unidentified woman,
Mrs. Loretta Dumas, Henry Dumas's widow,
and my colleague Christina Strasburger
at Gallery Aferro 
Scarlet and Black: The newly issued
scholarly anthology about Rutgers University's
historical involvement with slavery 
College Avenue, Rutgers (New Brunswick)
At the Westside Theater, before the
start of Othello: The Remix 
Mosaic mural featuring Frederick Douglass
quotation, Midtown 
Post-election Grief & Supportive Post-Its,
Union Square Station tunnel, Manhattan
Those Post-Its
Subway performers 
The Strand Bookstore's last copy (for now)
of Counternarratives; they once had over
100+ copies of the hardcover AND the
paperback. Thank you, readers!
Subway rider, with his 40
Rehab work at the Blue Man Group's
 theater, Astor Place
Cooper Square 
Workers at the increasingly
privatized, zombie urban
hot spot, Astor Place
The famous Alamo Cube, cordoned off
(and now longer movable by passersby)
Bikes and skateboards now
forbidden at the branded, neoliberalized
Astor Place

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