Sunday, July 24, 2016

Farewell, Marfa!

My monthlong sojourn in Marfa has come to an end. A million thanks to Douglas, Ray, Martha, Chris, and everyone at the Lannan Foundation, to Tim of the Marfa Book Company and Caitlyn, to fellow writers Layli, Mark, and Timothy, Natalie and Jan, and Rachel and Joshua, to Erika, to Nina, to Paul, to Mary, to my former student Tori and her husband Charlie, to Chris and everyone at the St. George's Hotel, to Kristin and Chris, to the folks at all my fave little coffeeshops and restaurants, and to everyone else I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with while down in the wondrous little high desert town, and lastly, to all the non-human creatures I encountered (including the cantankerous old male turkey, the squadron of rabbits, and the roach as large as a Prius), goodbye and thanks so very much!

A few more photos; enjoy!
One of the many rabbits
hovering about during my stay;
this one loved to hide behind
the AC compressor
A downtown Marfa monument

The patio at the Hotel Paisano
The smart and lovely Rachel Monroe 
My outdoor writing spot
(the turkey stick at right)
Another one of the rabbits
nearly blending into the gravel
Outside the opening
at the Wrong Store Gallery 
The woodpecker that decided it
wanted to pay me a visit and kept knocking
one afternoon 
The vast blue sky above downtown
Layli LongSoldier, at her reading
More rabbits, behind the Lannan main house
At the Marfa Public Library
Artist James Irwin, whose big show
opened right after I left
Jan Beatty, at her reading with Natalie Díaz
Natalie Díaz 
The front of the St. George's Hotel,
as a photoshoot backdrop 
Pizza dough rising outside 
The pizza I made, before it was baked
More sleepy Marfa street and vast sky 
A treasure I found at the Marfa Book Compa
One of the galleries
Another gallery space
Appropriately, right before I left,
Mr. Rabbit reappeared, perhaps to say goodbye

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