Sunday, July 12, 2015

Photos: Image Text Ithaca II

More photos from my stint as a Senior Fellow at Image Text Ithaca. You can find out more about this year's excellent program here.

Ben and Ben reviewing
possible book options
Claudia Rankine's template 
Detail of one of Claudia's images
(Christine Hume and Andre
Bradley in the image)

Viewing the falling photoshoot
Watching the shoot 
Photographs in the walled pool area
People preparing for the photoshoot
Lucas Blaylock and
his large format camera
At the symposium: Daniel Augschöll
and Anya Jasbar presenting their work 
Tonya Foster presenting her
multimedia piece
Christine Hume, reading 
A still from the piece Claudia and
the interns co-created
A still from Ching-In Chen
and Jen Hyde's collaborative piece 
Andre Bradley depicted in a still
from Catherine Taylor's and Nick Muellner's
collaborative piece 
Ching-In Chen, Jen Hyde, Claudia
Rankine and Matvei Yankelevitch
answering questions after their presentations

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