Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random Photos

Lying down in the street,
literally, in Chelsea
Waffles and coffee, on 32nd Street
A plea from the gutter
Tranquility, in Chelsea
Street typist, Williamsburg
Painting an awning, Chelsea
Street festival, Grove St., Jersey City 
Afropunk Festival flyers #standforsomething 

Outside the luxe new "Art House" development,
Jersey City 
Bright plumage, PATH station 
Street backdrop, Midtown
Poster (in Brooklyn?)
Poster (in Brooklyn?) 
Street string sculpture, Williamsburg 
Locals playing a board game,
LaGuardia Park, Williamsburg
Another tower going up
amidst (older) Williamsburg 
Filming, Chelsea 
String sculpture on fence,
Jersey City 
Street art for sale,
Something I often do,
photographing a building site
Impromptu corner
Urbanworld Film Festival, Chelsea
Jersey City

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