Sunday, June 01, 2014

Random Photos

One of the 9/11 Memorial pools
on the footprint of the destroyed
WTC towers (the Museum is visible
directly in the center rear of this photo)

I am still gearing up for the James Baldwin conference in Montpellier, France, and wrapping up edits on my next book, so until soon, posting here remains a challenge. 

Meanwhile, so much is happening in the wider world, and I have many events to blog.... 

Here are a few random photos from my daily circuits. Enjoy!

A ship on the Hudson River 
Only in New York: a shop selling only
high-end cosmetics and the Paris Review! 
Window displays 
Musician, in a violet mood,
on the High Line
(it's actually uncrowded!) 
Looking east, from the High Line
Rainy 14th Street
Two different loaves baked
in the same pot (cinnamon raisin
bread & walnut wheat) 
Laying a seeding carpet
in the St. Paul's Church cemetery 
On the street 
Black carpet opening
TV journalist, across the street
from the newly opened
 9/11 Memorial Museum site 
One WTC (the Freedom Tower)
Flowers in the names
of those lost in the 9/11 attacks

One of the 9/11 Memorial pools 

The 9/11 Museum
The WTC site, from the east 
Behind Asser Levy Pool,
on the east side of Manhattan
In Stuyvesant Cove Park, looking east to
Queens and Brooklyn
Long Island City, from Manhattan
Peter Cooper Village 
East Side Community Junior/Senior
High School, the first school I taught at,
back in the 1990s
One of those giant "scab"
rats, at a union boycott,
Fresh lobster, 23rd Street
A dancer-performer, strolling
the streets, Manhattan

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