Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Random Photos

It is been a long while since I posted any photos, as my posts in general so far this year have appeared rather sporadically. But it has been that kind of six months, very busy, with so much going on that even posting photographs has proved a challenge. Here are a few. Enjoy.

Dr. Khalil G. Muhammad, Director of the
Schomburg Center, speaking at Rutgers-Newark
during Black History Month 
Julian Simmons & Sarah Lucas
project, Tittipussidad, Karma, NYC 
Filming, Washington Square Park
NOTICE, Manhattan

In Bryant Park, late winter 
George Saunders, Matthea Harvey,
and Jayne Anne Phillips, Writers at Newark
series, Rutgers-Newark 
The ongoing renovation of
Fulton Street Station, lower Manhattan
On the street, Jersey City 
My former colleague Brian Edwards,
after his talk at New York University
At a bus stop, Manhattan 
A temporary arcade in front
of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bettye Saar, at the opening of her show in March 
Malcolm Gladwell, West Village
The cast of Alban Berg's Wozzeck,
expertly performed at the Met Opera,
and conducted by James Levine

Railroad track bed in Jersey
City (when the light rail train abruptly
stopped without explanation between stations)

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