Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random Photos

These weeks, barreling forward like a freight train! When I am not teaching or reading and marking up student essays (in a writing intensive class, so I have quite a few), I try to get out and about. A few photos from my recent peregrinations.

On Halloween morning 
Restaurant menu (on the ground; is there
a secret trapdoor to an eatery below?)
Part of the audience at Reggie Harris's
book party at Poets House
Poet, librarian, literary activist
Reggie Harris, reading from Autogeography
Voting day in Newark
On the train to Newark
Our Rutgers-Newark campus newspaper,
featuring yours truly with Gbenga Akinnagbe
(h/t to Fran Bartkowski for alerting me
to this and for collecting a few copies
on my behalf)
West Village, at night
(the Freedom Tower is visible
in the distance, the construction
scaffolds and barriers visible all around)

An artist painting in the chill, West Village
The contemporary US human condition, on a smartphone
Even the sidewalk is a vintage fan

At Joe, in Chelsea
Night shot, 23rd St.
More skyscrapers rising, Jersey City

Building site, Jersey City
Christa Paravani, Rutgers-Newark
alumna and burgeoning literary star,
reading at Writers @ Newark series

Jayne Anne Phillips, Rutgers-Newark MFA
director, with Writers @ Newark readers
Anthony "Tony" Swofford, author
of Jarhead, and his wife,
Christa Paravani, author of Her
Homemade olive bread
(very therapeutic and perfect
for the colder weather)
Seeking a wife, on the stairs
of the New York Public Library
Pop-up shop, Bryant Park
Pop-up gallery (coming), West Village
Casting call, on the street, Chelsea
Pop-up shop, Chelsea Market
A bevy of birthday balloons for this brownstone 
Still waiting for Word, Jersey City
The Washington Square Arch

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