Saturday, August 31, 2013

Random Photos

It has been a while since I've blogged, though not for lack of interest, but more because I've been trying to tie together the various loose threads summer has left with me, alongside preparing for the upcoming semester, which begins next week, that I haven't had an opportunity to focus much on anything but the briefest entries here. Several entries I've begun over the last few weeks remain to be completed, though I will try to complete them--or at least several--before classes start. Here are a few recent photos!

Breakdancing crew, 5th Avenue
Breakdancer, with crowd, on 5th Avenue
Breakdancing crew, Midtown
Breakdancing crew, 5th Avenue
Inventive Travel Advisory
Inventive travel advisory (read it carefully),
Delancey Street Station
Edward Hopper "Nighthawks" installation,
Flatiron Building
The infamous 741 Park Ave.
741 Park Avenue (a key address in Alex Gibney's excellent
documentary on the American, Wall Street-fueled plutocracy,
Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream --
h/t Reg Gibbons for recommending the film)
Fiscal Cliff (our neighbor's band)
Flyer at Hoboken Station for Fiscal Cliff,
our 16-year-old neighbor's band
Rainbow over Jersey City
Rainbow over Jersey City
(note that it appears to end almost
at the Goldman Sachs Bldg.)
Heels (near the WTC)
Caption: Heels? or Wedgies?
Portrait painter, Union Square
Artist working outdoors, Union Square
Union Square Park
Chess game, Union Square
Near Times Square
Near 42nd Street
In Brooklyn
In Williamsburg

The shell of St. Vincent's Hospital
The shell of St. Vincent's Hospital, soon to
be a luxury condo development
In reedspace
Inside reedspace, on Orchard Street
Orchard St., from reedspace
Looking at Orchard Street, from the reedspace
front window and door
In the East Village
Young homeless man, with his book
of stickers he collects, East Village
At the Essex Street Market
At the Essex Street Market
Jazz Band @ Warehouse Cafe, Jersey City
Jazz band, at Warehouse Cafe, Jersey City
Street fair, Midtown
Street fair, Midtown
In Williamsburg, Brooklyn
In Williamsburg

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