Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Photos

The eyes have it, Fulton St.
The eyes have it, Fulton St.
The Declaration of Independence, on brief display
The Declaration of Independence,
briefly on public display
Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center
Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center
On the train
On the subway train to (or was it from?) Harlem
Crowded subway
Hustle and bustle
Near Port Authority, Midtown
Near Port Authority, Midtown
A regular sight in NYC
A common sight on Manhattan
streets, people seeking financial help
72nd St. Station, UWS
72nd St. station, Upper West Side
Stretching, Jersey City
Stretching, Jersey City
Viewing Saturn, Lincoln Center
Looking for and at Saturn, Lincoln Center
After closing hours, Kraverie, Jersey City
After hours, Kraverie, Jersey City
Breaking down a table, Midtown
Breaking down a street vending table, Midtown
Street construction project, UWS
Repairing a sewer (?), Upper West Side
In Morningside Park, Harlem
Morningside Park, Harlem
On the PATH
On the PATH, from Jersey City
Repairing the escalator, 34th St., Manhattan
Repairing the escalator, 34th St. station
Filming a commercial, 5th Ave.
Filming a commercial, 5th Avenue
Shooting an ad, Jersey City
Shooting a campaign, Jersey City
Man with an "I hate berlin" bag
Man with "i hate berlin" bag, Midtown

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