Sunday, May 05, 2013

Random Photos

This is an incredibly busy time, and I'm just trying to keep it together. April proved not to be the cruelest month this year, but Inter/National Poetry Month went by like a bullet train and my postings were admittedly spotty. There are still a few more weeks in the semester, and then I hope to post a bit more consistently and frequently. Until then, a few photos of recent events.

Still from Shirley Clarke's amazing film, The Cool World
A still from Shirley Clark's remarkable 1964 film
The Cool World, which Tracie Morris and colleagues
curated as part of Pratt Institute's Manhattan film series
Organizers and participants at New School for Shirley Clarke's The Cool World
Various organizers and participants in The Cool World
screening, including actor Rony Clanton (far left), co-organizer
Tracie Morris (second fr left), and critic Amy Taubin (fifth
from left, exact center)
Music box, 34th Street Station
Music box, 34th Street
(you pass your hand in front of the hole
and it issues a lovely tone)
Hilton Als and Junot Díaz, at the Strand
Hilton Als (l) and Junot Díaz in conversation,
the Strand Bookstore
Ari and Pamela
Ari Banias and Pamela Sneed, after the Gregg
Bordowitz Blues for Smoke reading at the Whitney Museum
Engelhard Court, Newark Museum
Engelhard Court, Newark Museum of Art
Kazim Ali, Jayne Anne Phillips, and Nathalie Handal, at Rutgers-Newark
Kazim Ali, Jayne Anne Phillips, Nathalie Handal
(and Brenda Shaughnessy, at bottom right), final reading
of the 2012-13 Rutgers-Newark Writers @ Newark
reading series
Rigoberto González and filmmaker Dee Rees
Two award-winners: Rigoberto González and Dee Rees
at Rigoberto's book launch, Casa Azul Bookstore, East Harlem
At Casa Azul, in East Harlem
At Casa Azul Bookstore (poet Sheila Maldonado in the red jacket)
The crowd outside the Tribeca Film Festival screening in Chelsea
The paparazzi at the red carpet, Tribeca
International Film Festival
At the Tribeca Film Festival
One of the celebrities speaking (I asked around but
no one could tell me who he is!)--Do any J's Theater
readers know?
Staceyann Chin @ Rutgers-Newark
Staceyanne Chin, performing at Rutgers-Newark
Drummer, 14th St. Station
A subway drummer, making
and breaking beats
Roland Barthes panel at CUNY
The keynote panel at the CUNY "Renaissance of Roland Barthes"
conference (l-r Diana Knight, D A Miller, Lucy O'Meara,
and Giancarlo Lombardi)
Full moon over Brooklyn
At Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, Barclays
Center and full moon in the background

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