Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Photos

So much has been going on of late, so the postings are arriving like a glacier. Here are some random photos from the last few weeks.
14th St. phone store
At a phone store, 14th Street
Fulton St. runway
Runway model, Fulton Street
Car accident, Raymond Blvd, Newark
Car crash, Newark
Street musician
Street musician, 14th Street
Salvation Army workers with homeless man
Salvation Army officers speak with a homeless man, 14th St.
Sixth Avenue, with the nearly finished Freedom Tower in the background
Sixth Avenue, with the Freedom Tower looming in the background
Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal and the Met Life building behind it
Manhattan, from Bayview Park
Manhattan from Bayview Park, Jersey City
Looking in, West Village
Inside a building site
On a crowded crosstown bus
On a crowded crosstown bus, Manhattan
Police calm a domestic situation near Newport Mall
Police officers de-escalating a domestic scene, Jersey City
Pershing Square
Pershing Square, Midtown
Cards, early morning, Jersey City
Cards ready for soothsaying, Jersey City
Subway musicians, jamming
Subway orchestra, 34th Street Station
Buildings at Ground Zero coming into being
Ground Zero, still rising
Piglet, Warehouse Cafe, Jersey City
Piglet, Warehouse Café, Jersey

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  1. John, these shots are amazing!!! You have always managed to capture the beauty of New York.