Monday, February 25, 2013

Random Photos

These last few weeks have been so busy I haven't been able to post a thing, though I have a few things in the basket almost ready to go. In place of those, here are a few images from around the city/ies:

Jonathan Franzen, at Rutgers-Newark
Author Jonathan Franzen, at Rutgers-Newark
Jayne Anne Phillips, Amy Hempel, Jonathan Franzen
Rutgers-Newark MFA Director and author Jayne Anne Phillips, and
guest authors Amy Hempel and Jonathan Franzen
Fashionista, Marchesa Show, NYPL
A fashionista, entering the Marchesa show at NYPL
People heading to the Marchesa show, NYPL
Fashionistas gathering outside the Marchesa show, at NYPL
Fashionista, Marchesa Show, NYPL
Fashionista air kiss
Skateboarder, NYPL
Skateboarder, oblivious to the Fashion Week goings-on
Line at Baked by Melissa cupcakes
Line at Baked by Melissa, 42nd St.
The gathering crowd at Newark Penn Station
Gathering crowd, Newark Penn Station
Bike basket (aka garbage can)
Bike basket (garbage can)
The Powerhouse, not yet transformed
Rampart in front of the still untransformed
Powerhouse station, Jersey City
Readying for a Chinese New Year celebration, 42nd St.
Preparing for a Chinese New Year's celebration, 42nd St.
Ivy Wilson, delivering his talk at CUNY Grad Center
Ivy Wilson, delivering a talk at CUNY Graduate Center

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