Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Random Photos

A random assortment of photos, from before the visit to Spain, during and after it. (As always, click on the photos to enlarge and see them fully.)
"Filipinos" at the Institut Blanquerna's cafeteria (WTF?--especially given Spain's colonial history....)
Street scene, Barcelona
My first breakfast at the hotel, Barcelona
Big Booty Bread Co.
Big Booty Bread Co., New York City
The hydrangeas in front of the house, Jersey City
Sagging, 8th Avenue, New York City
A man packing his belongings, 23rd St., New York City
Frankie Knuckles spinning house, in Chicago
A public performance, @ Clark & Ashland, Chicago
Filming something colorful at Clark and Ashland, Chicago
Wall art, Jersey City
"This is not neutral space," Warehouse district, Jersey City
White pigeon, Jersey City
A white pigeon (this can't be a dove, can it?), Warehouse district, Jersey City
Climbing man
Climbing man cutout, 23rd St. façade, New York City
Lee Tergesen, NYC
The actor Lee Tergesen (from Oz), New York City
TO's paintings, 23rd St.
Outdoor gallery (artist TO, not pictured), 23rd St., New York City
Filming a skateboarder
Filming skateboarders, Main Post Office, Jersey City

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