Monday, October 04, 2010

Mommy! Mommy! + More LA Photos

One of the things I love to do in any city I visit is walk around it, as much as possible, engaging in a bit of flanérie and observation, and so here are some photos from my traipsing around LA. I also caught the final event of the Mommy! Mommy! season (thanks, Tisa B!), which featured readings by Cara Benson and Kate Zambreno; a screening of a musical film piece in an invented Neanderthal language by Sean Griffin; and a performance from Chicago's own Jennifer Karmin's text-sound epic, Aaaaaaaaaaalice (Flim Forum Press, 2010). Below are some images and videos, as well as more LA photos. Enjoy!

A snippet of Jennifer Karmin and her co-performers

Sean Griffin's pre-screening comments
Griffin's 'Neandertal' musical film
An image from Griffin's 'Neanderthal' musical film

Tisa & Brian
Tisa Bryant and Brian Kim Stefans
The "Deneuve" (?) bathroom stall at Mommy! Mommy!
"The chicken will taste like Lexus!!!"
"The chicken taste like Lexus!!!"
Little Tokyo mall
Little Tokyo outdoor mall
E. 2nd St., LA
E 2nd St., from Zip 8, a great little restaurant
In a café, @ night
Café dwellers, at night
Street art (I used this image in my talk)

Fellow passenger, Fred Willard
My fellow Chi-LA passenger, actor Fred Willard

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