Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Random Photos: New York City

A few recent photos, from hither and thither, or as NS wrote in a recent email, "here or yon."
Fashion shoot at NYPL
A fashion shoot at the New York Public Library. (You didn't think all people did was read books there, did you?)
Recession Special, Gray's Papaya
People noshing at that old "recession special mainstay," Gray's Papaya, in the West Village
Afternoon nap
An afternoon nap, in Bryant Park at the library (this was not staged)
Life-size chessboard
A life-sized chessboard at an outdoor chess tournament at 34th St., near Herald Square
Empty storefront
One of the many empty storefronts in Manhattan, this one in Soho, along Spring
Street scene, Provincetown
Cowboybear (it was the beginning of Bear Week in Provincetown--wouldn't he make an excellent posterman?)
Grand Central Terminal, w/ Chrysler Bldg behind it
Grand Central Terminal, with the modernist Chrysler Building behind it
Street artist near Grand Central Station
An expressionist street artist's rendering of the same
42nd St. & 6th Ave.
Crossing 42nd St. (I love all the contemporary NY summer indices in this photo)
Street artist, 7th Avenue
Another street artist, 7th Ave., West Village
Street scene, 7th Ave., Village
Another street scene, 7th Ave., West Village
Village character
Another Village character (note the wreath-as-hat!)
People observing a treeworm
People observing a treeworm of some sort (it's the hanging thing at the photo's center), in Bryant Park


  1. Libraries seem to be great places for fashion shoots -- we've had a couple here in the past few years.

    Love the Grand Central/Chrysler Building (My favorite skyscraper!) shot. Beaux Arts and Modernism, separated by...International Style would you say? I adore these architectural juxtapositions.

    J'adore the CowBear as well!:)

  2. You have a very good eye. I really enjoyed this portfolio.

  3. So at the risk of annoying you by commenting on your blog waaaaay too much:

    That street scene in P-town picture compels me to make sure that you know about the marvelous second-hand bookstore just barely out of shot to the left. So good. It's just through a flowering vine covered archway, and I'm pretty sure I have never paid more than two bucks for a book there.

    Ships' schedules being as fluid as the element upon which we sail, the Amistad may be going to P-town this season after all. Here's hoping.

  4. Good photos......

    Thanks for sharing with us......
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  5. Reggie, you got it; I need to check but that glass curtain wall is in the International Style.

    Thanks, Radbear.

    Miriam, do see the recent entry!