Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thanks, Democrats!



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So what can you do?

You can visit this site, Blue America PAC vs. Retroactive Immunity, for more information on this horrible bill, and to donate money for a targeted campaign to oppose several of its most heinous Democratic enablers. So far, the PAC has collected over $200,000 from 4,000 donors. You can write, call or fax your Congressperson or Senator, and demand that she not support this bill, which will be put up for a vote tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the heads up regarding this Horrendous piece of corporate &*#-kissing masquerading as legislation. Although it passed, I still took the time to thank my state senators for voting against(!) the dang thing. Panopticon here we come (are)!

    I just finished reading Sarah Waters' Affinity, which is all about gender-based state and socially supported surveillance, in Victorian England. (But feel free to insert an historical moment and codifying characteristic of your own choice.) The horror in this Gothic tale emanates not from the ghost-story frame Waters employs, but from how *normal* all those forms of control were as well as their quotidian pervasiveness...

    Peace, audiologo

  2. Well, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit. If I wasn't feeling quite so jaded perhaps I'd venture to hope that the law could be overturned. Unfortunately, we all know what will if the case goes to the Supreme Court.
    Dianne Feinstein has let me down for the last time. When she's up for re-election she won't be getting my vote. It's a sentiment that I think many progressive Californians share.
    Regarding feelings of frustration with Barack, Gail Collins' piece in the NYT this week helped calm me down a little.
    I guess it's back to US Mail and carrier pigeons--you know, safe forms of communication. Don't forget to burn the letters upon receipt!