Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

is a (very) young artist, now living in Brooklyn, whose (nude, especially) portraiture and installation art are garnering increasing attention. Of course he blogs.

Here's Sepuya (at right), with Printed Matter's AA Bronson, from a photo taken (by Sepuya, 2008, all rights reserved) when Bronson interviewed Sepuya for BUTT 22 (NotSafeForWork!), a (maga)zine he has appeared in several times:

Here's an image from Sepuya's series "beloved object + amorous subject, revisited." (There's more on his site.)

To read his thoughts on his life and work, try Butt, # 22.

His installation "Subject-Object Proof no.2", a special project for PULSE Art Fair, New York City (part of the Armory Show), is on view from tomorrow until Sunday. Art critics, get writing.

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