Sunday, February 03, 2008

New York Giants Win Super Bowl, 17-14!

Thank you, New York Giants, for winning this year's Super Bowl (Number XLII, to be exact)! Congratulations on your remarkable upset victory go especially to your coaches for ensuring that you were ready and getting you this far, after being a Wild Card team, and to your players, for their determination to get to the Super Bowl, and for their decisive defense and the timely scoring that resulted in today's 17-14 win. (Photo below: New York Giant Plaxico Burress scoring late in the fourth quarter, New York Times, Tom Hood/European Pressphoto Agency)

To my friends who are Giants fans, congratulations as well.

Fans--including fans like me, of other teams--from all corners of the country enthusiastically thank you for ending the spell by the New England Patriots on the news media, the NFL (cf. below), and too many other teams in the AFC and NFC, who assumed that this crew was just going to style and profile to another Super Bowl win and an undefeated season.

Now that the aura has been broken, perhaps the US Senate will, among its other projects, seriously look into the Patriots' various cheating scandals and the NFL's response, including this one against the New York Jets that started this season, and this recently alleged one, which may have cost the St. Louis Rams a Super Bowl victory in 2002.


  1. Your banner photo reflects my elation this morning.

    The Giants punched New England in the face and dared them to do something about it. They couldn't.

  2. Just as happy as Bernie and you are.

    Go NY Giants! How about another champ ring next year, huh?

  3. Andrew, uh, maybe another team should have the opportunity, you think? (Cf. St. Louis Rams, New York Jets, etc.)