Friday, October 19, 2007

Reading at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn

Here're some photos from the reading this past Sunday at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn with Chris Stackhouse and Geoffrey Jacques. It's always fun to read with Chris (though no simultaneous poems this time), and it was an honor to read with Geoffrey. C was there, as was our good friend Victor, and other friends like Tisa, Erica, Tonya, and Alisoun. Chris, Geoffrey and I ended up with a packed room and sold all the store's copies of our books (Seismosis flew out of there, as did Chris's book and Geoffrey's, paid in full!). All the photos are by C (thank you!).

Unnameable Books introducing the reading, Chris and Geoffrey at right

Chris reading (and rolling us in stitches)

The audience (Tisa in the middle)

Yours truly, and Chris at right

Geoffrey Jacques - "What ever happened to the beautiful language?" ("Viewers Like")

Me, having a great time afterwards

Tisa, snapping a photo outside


Mary Reilly!

Geoffrey and Chris


  1. I enjoy reading about the various types of events you attend along with your peers. I'd like to hear you read some your myself.

  2. Bronzebuckaroo, one of these days I hope I will be able to read my work some place that you can hear it! Maybe I'll even be reading with Reggie!