Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend in Pictures

The talented Brazilian singer Magali, performing with a fellow Carioca on guitar, at Esperanto Restaurant, in the East Village

Magali and her accompanist having a ball

At the Kit Keith (a fellow St. Louis native) exhibit, The Phatory, East Village

Youth jazz band, playing Monk, Boys' Club of New York Arts & Cultural Festival, East Village Harriman Clubhouse

The Tucker (or Turner?) brothers, performing a medley of jazz, r&b, and rock and roll, quite seamlessly, as black-robed judoka and spectators listen raptly

Man cuddling his black kitten, Lila, on an East Village street

Two boys practicing their pull-ups on the PATH train to Journal Square via Hoboken

Street art, W. 9th Street, Greenwich Village

Random pedestrians, 34th and 8th Ave. (actor Isaach de Bankolé is in the lime-green jacket)

NewFest MC introducting Adaora Nwandu, the writer and director of Rag Tag (I'll post a review about this excellent film soon!)


  1. I saw Rag Tag Friday. Although it hew to certain narrative cliches much too closely, it nevertheless exuded such a powerful and exact sense of place and culture specificity that I found myself nostalgic for places and people I've never known. Those aren't really my cousins and hometown, I had to keep reminding myself. I thought the actors, who were obviously mostly amateur, had an amazing chemistry and warmth. I was impressed by how much flavor she (the director/writer) got into a single film, and so feel even more disheartened looking at the Hollywood selection presently listed in the newspaper movie pages.

    Kai in NYC

  2. Kai, my point of comparison is American indies, of what's left of them, and LGBT films from this country in general, and really, it's slim pickings right now. Hollywood doesn't even register that the people in the film, let alone the ones in the theater watching it, EXIST. I was glad I caught this film, and do plan to write a short review when I can get motivated to do so.