Monday, May 02, 2005

The Encyclopedia Project

An exciting new joint, arriving this summer, encyclopedic in scope, edited by Tisa Bryant, Miranda Mellis and Kate Schatz.

The Encyclopedia Project: Vol I (A-E)

In the editors' own words:

Encyclopedia is a series of five annual literary/arts print publications that will constitute an encyclopedia of and about fiction. This first issue spans the letters A-E and addresses the question, what occurs under the sign of fiction? That there is no singular answer to this question allows for a wide-range of responses that invigorate genre, form, and content.

Encyclopedia will feature short stories, cross-genre work, visual art, translations, collaborations, plays, lyrical essays, and criticism. It combines the aesthetic, socio-political, and cultural merits of a high caliber literary arts journal with the educational and pedagogical functions of the reference book. With a commitment to accessibility as well as experimentation, Encyclopedia adds a vital publication to the literary/arts world.

What occurs under the sign of fiction, indeed? Encyclopedia will certainly give us some ideas. One of mine is even part of the mix....

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